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Your involvement in the further development of this site is sincerely welcomed. We encourage you to get in touch through the addresses on this page with your feedback, suggestions and contributions.

Below there is also some information regarding the background of this site and those who have been involved in producing it.

Third Cinema Revisted

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The content in this site has been prepared and organised by Keith Withall, a free-lance teacher and writer on film. Steve Mardy, a lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University has also contributed to the content.

The project grew out of a series of seminars organised under the auspices of the now defunct Hall Place Studios. Two of these, dealing with African and Indian film, were presented as part of the programme of the Leeds International Festival.

Keith and Steve hope to supplement the material in the site at some point by publishing a Study Guide. Meanwhile, the links to other websites and the references to published works should help you to pursue the subject of Third Cinema further.

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