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Introduction & Welcome

Welcome to this Website dedicated to Third Cinema. The aim of this site is to provide an introduction to the ideas behind Third Cinema, to identify some of the best known or most accessible of the films and filmmakers and to provide links to more information to aid further study.

The site is divided into five main chapters, Africa, Latin America, India, Theories and History. There is also a glossary, a links page and a page providing contact details.

Images and links that relate to each section are placed in the right-hand margin and a menu of subsections is provided, when needed, in the left-hand margin.

We hope that you find this site informative, useful and enjoyable. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any comments or suggestions.

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What is Third Cinema?

Third Cinema is a militant cinema and a cinema of opposition to the dominant film institutions in the world. These latter are the cinemas of the advanced capitalist countries, such as the USA. The most notable example of a dominant cinema is that of Hollywood. Like McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Microsoft its products circulate the globe, not only occupying people's hearts and minds but also leaving little space for any alternative or opposition.

Third Cinema aims to give expression to dissident voices, especially those caught in a web of colonial or neo-colonial exploitation and oppression. It developed in the 1960s, when there was also a high tide of struggles against western domination known as National Liberation Struggles. In the succeeding years a body of film-makers from the countries, what is often termed the Third World, have produced dynamic, exciting and politically stimulating films, telling all sorts of stories, documenting life and resistance; and producing radically different films from those made in the west.

Third Cinema is not a genre, like the Western or the Science-Fiction film. It is a space, a terrain, where people struggle, experiment, argue and contest the entertainment cinemas that occupy the majority of screen time.

What makes a Third Cinema film is what is brought to the experience by not only by the filmmakers but also, more significantly, by the film audiences.

Most examples of Third Cinema films and filmmakers are little known or seen in the UK, where this site has been made. However, as the recent movements made in response to corporate-globalization demonstrate, people want and need to hear voices from outside the dominant metropoles.

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